What We Do

Bacteriophage Technology

Once seen merely as a tool for molecular biologists and bacterial geneticists, phages have come to the fore in recent years as their biotechnological potential is at last being realized. Phage display, phage therapy, phage based diagnostics, nanotechnology and more all exploit the many advantages of bacteriophages to solve a wide range of critical issues. Antibiotic resistance and bacterial infections in humans and animals, food safety, crop disease, cancer and immune-based therapeutics and other significant markets are using phages to develop solutions for important global needs. 

The Problem

As more statups and established biotech businesses develop bacteriophage-based platforms, from therapeutic to analytical, there is a need for experienced scientific support with extensive training in phage biology and lab techniques. Phage biology is not commonly taught, so its nuances are often overlooked by inexperienced microbiologists and molecular biologists, and also results in a lamentable lack of phage biologists available to work in this fun, fascinating and growing field. On-demand phage expertise allows for cost effective enhancement of bacteriophage programs by providing everything from wet-lab services, including phage isolation, purification and characterization, to lab setup, protocol design and review, hands-on and classroom training, and more. 

Our Expertise

Over 15 years of hands-on training and experience in academia and industry, from small startups to large pharma. With a particular focus on phage therapy and bacterial diagnostic applications, BB Phage Consultancy offers a unique set of laboratory and office services to support the development and expansion of phage-based biotechnologies.